Ethereum PHP
PHP interface to Ethereum JSON-RPC API.
Todo List
Member Abi::convertByAbi (string $abiType, EthD $value)

Not fully implemented. Requires full test coverage.

Member addUseStatement ($type, &$useStatements)
This is actually very weired in the Schema: We have an "or" in Return values.
Member EthBytesTest::convertDataProvider ()
Member EthD::getPrimitiveTypes ()
Implement all EthD data types.
Member EthD::validateHexString ($val)
This might be moved to EthereumStatic.
Member Ethereum::handleFilterChangeValues (array $values)
We'll need to decode the ABI of the values too!
Member EthereumStatic::isValidFunction ($input)
Pretty basic solidity function verification might need improvement.
Member EthS::rlpVal ()
Member MultiReturner::testGetBytes1 ()
THIS IS WRONG Solidity will give me a 0x61. So we should cut off at "61"
Member RlpTest::rlpDataProvider ()
MORE TESTS. See also MultiReturnerTest.php
Member SmartContract::__call (string $method, array $args)
Maybe we need a smarter default block param handling here.